Wednesday, September 3, 2008

username and password please

I have way too many passwords. I have so many that I can't remember any of them. I often find myself locked out of everything, including this here blog. Why don't I ever take the time to write them down? Everytime I forget one I have to get a new one. And each time I get a new one, I somehow convince myself that I will remember it instead of simply writing it down. What's that all about? Is that laziness? Delusion? Both?

I can't look at my 401K unless I set up a new password. I don't really want to look right now, but if I did, I couldn't.

I'm on Facebook enough to remember my password, but more often than not I get it wrong on the first try.

I have a myspace page but I go long stretches of time without visiting it because I know if I try I won't remember my password.

I pulled the password to this blog right out of my butt. I failed twice and thought for sure I'd never get it, but then I went deep to find it. I let out a hoot when I got it, I was so surprised.

Sometimes I get late fees on my Diners Club bill because I always take til the last minute to pay it, but the last minute is too late when you don't remember your password. And by the way, if it's an urgent matter - like a hefty bill payment that they charge you a percentage of based on amount - it's a guarantee that you'll never remember it.

I have a yahoo account to stay up to date with my son's school happenings. All the parents are expected to join if you want to stay in the loop with the goings on of his class and the school in general. Lucky for me my son's mother still communicates with me and let's me know if a play or assembly is coming up. If I depended on yahoo I'd be considered a deadbeat dad.

I just joined a fantasy football league through another yahoo account. If I win, it will most likely be blind luck. I suppose I will miss out on a number of trade opportunities and waiver pick ups simply by forgetting my password.



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