Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cancer Sucks And So Do I

Well, I made a New Years Resolution that this would be the year that I overcame my delusional belief that I control the destiny of my favorite sports teams and athletes. It was my hope to bring the joy that watching sports gives me back into my life. So far, 3.5 months in, it just ain't working.

I accepted an invitation to the Blazer game last night, half figuring they'd already made the playoffs and a loss wouldn't affect them one way or the other, and half figuring it was time we turned the jinx tide. It was a good game, full of intensity and desire on both sides. It looked like the Blazers would pull it out, but then about midway through the final quarter I kinda got that jinxy feeling throughout my body and suddenly I just knew that the crazy-talented rookie Stephen Curry and his Warriors were going to pull it out. Sure enough, they did. It was still a joy to be there and it was easy not to take the loss too hard, especially seeing the smiling faces of the Blazer players as they handed out their jerseys for fan appreciation night, but I decided right then and there that I would be looking away come this first playoff series against the Phoenix Suns.

Screw my resolution.

Furthermore, I got an up-close peek at Blazers owner Paul Allen and he didn't look so hot. That's him in the picture up above. Cancer has obviously taken a toll. This is a crazy thing to say out loud, but wouldn't it be great if the entire world was as non-discrimate as cancer? Here he is, one of the very richest men in the world, but all the money in the world can't keep that damn cancer at bay.

Anyway, I'm going to assume that Mr. Allen is going to kick ol cancer's butt, but I'm going to do the guy a favor anyway and stay the hell away from his team so that they may optimize their chances of advancing in these playoffs for him.

Speaking of things money can't stave off, ol' Tiger Woods ain't immune to the wrath of the world OR me, either.

I tried watching him at The Masters figuring my delusional jinx was a thing of the past, but then he went and bogeyed 3 of the first 6 holes before I turned it off and went for a walk. And what did he do when I looked away? He simply holed out an eagle and went birdie-birdie before I returned to cool him off again. Maybe Tiger had it comin' though. Maybe the karma of the world was just too much. Let's figure it was and I had nothin' to do with it. Still, I figure I'm gonna have to avoid watching the British Open if I'm indeed to pull for him to win.

But maybe I just shouldn't give a crap. Maybe I just shouldn't have any favorite team or athletes. Maybe I should just watch to watch. Not to root. But is that even possible?

I'll think about it. And in the meantime, I'll send Mr. Allen my positive thoughts for a full-recovery, hoping my jinx doesn't apply to matters of health and well-being, morbid as that sounds.


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