Monday, March 23, 2009

On To OT

Well, they made it to overtime thanks to Oden but no thanks to Outlaw. 1 for 5 tonight! I'm sorry, Travis. But maybe your fortunes will turn in OT, for I must retire for the evening. I shall tune back in when the Suns arrive to town. I really really really was pulling for Roy to hit the winning shot at the end of regulation, but, of course, it wasn't to be. Perhaps my turning it off will guide them to victory. But I say get Rudy, Blake and Oden more involved. Use Aldridge as a decoy to dump it down to Oden for the dunk. I do say that Oden has a bright future. All the naysayers are wrong on this one. I hold faith that Greg Oden will one day beat my curse. Of course, Mr. Allen could beat it in the meantime in the form of a little contract.


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