Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blazers v Lakers - More Proof

Some might claim my claim to have powers over the outcome of blazer games to be narcissistic. Of course, they are wrong. And they would realize this if they simply took the time to check into my long history of affecting outcomes. Ok, so maybe I'm a little narcissistic, but that has NOTHING to do with my relationship with the Blazers.

This is going to be a short post. I just want to let Mr. Allen know that I watched the 2nd half of the Blazers/Hornets game, thinking they might be too hot for even me after the impressive win over the Celtics.

I'm going to watch the Lakers game tonight figuring the Roy-less Blazers have little chance anyway. Of course, this is the type of game they just might win. They have little to lose. Their on the road playing the hottest team in the league without their best player. The team will come out loose and if they don't get too tight in the end, they could pull off an upset.

And indeed, they have come out hot. They lead 16-9.

I'm thinking the Blazers will hang tough for at least three quarters because they are going to play more relaxed than their opening game of the season against these Lakers, but then they will realize they are in the game and they will get tight. The Laker faithful will have shown up by then and start making lots of noise. A call or two will go against them and in the end they will fall short in frustration.

But for now, Nicolas Batum just dunked in Pau Gasol's face. 

You know, I've never ever seen Travis Outlaw have a good game. He seems to force a lot of shots. And the only ones he seems to make are the ones when I'm not watching.

Jarryd Bayless just missed a lay up. 

Sergio Rodriguez just missed the entire rim.

Kobe just swished one from the top of the key.  Here we go.

Blazers up 24-19 and getting very tight.

Had to go feed my dog and watch a little 60 minutes. Amazing things they are doing in brain research these days. Amazing. I wonder if they will soon be able to prove my theory that I can control sports franchises with mine.

Blazers are up 44-41. Nicolas Batum is going to be a heckuva player in this league. Crazy that kid is only 19. He's matching up quite well with Kobe Bryant, however, Kobe is still scoring at will. But again, 19 years old. 

These Blazers are fun to watch, I have to admit. 

Gasol just traveled but they didn't call it. What a joke this NBA can be. 

And what a joke these professionals are at shooting free throws. Oden just missed two.

I remember when I used to hold the remote in my hand back when the Blazers were in the finals against the Bulls and whenever we were at the free throw line I would change the channel just as they were shooting. I would change it back to see the ball had gone in. It worked every time. 

I also remember years ago listening to Bill Schonley call the games on the radio. All too often the Blazers would miss and Schonley would drop his voice in utter disappoint and say, "YOU'VE GOT TO MAKE YOUR FREE THROWS."

Halftime: Lakers 51, Blazers 50.

We gave up 57% shooting to LA. And on offense we had way too many missed opportunities. My God, there is just no way I could be a coach. I'd go nuts.

69-57 now. Four minutes left in the quarter and the Blazers have scored SEVEN points. This is exactly the type of deep freeze I can put the Blazers in. It happens over and over again. 

I'm afraid the Blazers couldn't hang on long enough to see my 4th quarter prediction through. It came a quarter early. Maybe the Blazers will go on a little run. I doubt it.

Travis just messed up again. I think I must jinx him more than anybody.

71-57 now. Kobe is killing Travis. 

24-second violation. 2nd one in three trips down. I feel bad about watching. I'll probably have to give up on my desire for a contract not to watch just to put these poor guys out of their misery. And me out of mine. Maybe that's what Mr. Allen has been waiting for. Maybe that's why he's so rich. He knows I'll eventually give in out of the goodness of my heart.

Two minutes left in the quarter and the Blazers are down 15. Blake and Fernandez are 6 for 22 from the field. Rudy just missed another free throw. I think he should take a couple games off. Kinda like they do in baseball. He's been going going going since long before the Olympics. He needs a break. Plus he's pressing because he's in LA. He's trying too hard.

Kobe doesn't miss much.

Blazers down 11.

Travis is scoreless. I feel most bad for him. If he knew me he would hate me.

It's 84-66. This is too painful. I'm turning it off.


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