Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Go Ducks, Go Blazers

Mr. Allen, 

Tonight I watched the first half of the Ducks game with my dad. They were TERRIBLE. I said my old man, "Duddy, we can't watch the 2nd half. You know as well as I that the Ducks are doomed if I continue to sit here and watch this."

So what did we do? We changed the channel to the Blazer game. We gorged on Hot Lips Pizza and proceeded to watch the Blazers STINK IT UP for the first two quarters of the game. Just like the Ducks, they were TERRIBLE! The only upside was that Greg Oden body checked Ray Allen into the 2nd row, and the Blazers got an uncontested dunk because they had SIX PLAYERS ON THE COURT! 

At halftime my dad said, "Now what?"

So I did the big boy thing and said, "Duddy, you can watch the 2nd half of the Duck game while I go upstairs and read Steve Martin's autobiography."

About twenty pages in, I started receiving texts and facebook messages the Ducks pulled through with a huge second half. So I went downstairs, gave my dad a high-five and changed the channel to SportsCenter so I could get my jollies after the fact.

When the highlights were over my dad turned to me and said, "Come on, let's watch the rest of the Blazer game."

To which I replied, "Duddy, I will turn it on for you but I have to go back upstairs."

To which he replied, "Oh, come on. You can do this."

To which I said, "Ok, DAD, I will turn it on but if something bad happens right away I'm leaving."

So I turned it on and to find the Blazers up 72-68. At which point they turned it over and gave up an easy bucket to make it 72-70.

"See you soon, Duddy," I said.

He barreled up the stairs about 20 minutes later with a smirk on his face. 

"Well," I asked.

"Ok, maybe you're right," he admitted.

I know I am.

By the way, Steve Martin's book is laugh out loud funny.


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