Friday, March 27, 2009

I Care Too Much

I went back on my promise. I got weak. I cared too much. I turned on the nationally televised Blazer game last night with the Blazers leading 15-7. I watched until Steve Nash hit a 3-pointer to pull the Suns within 21-19. Greg Oden was then called for a travel and I was convinced that I had fully swung the momentum. So I turned the tv off and took a deep breath. 

Let's think this through, I thought.

The Blazers are on national TV. Not only do their playoff lives rest in the balance, but so does our local pride. That's a load of guilt for one guy to handle. My phone buzzed and I looked down to see I'd received a message from a dear friend. "I'm at the Blazer game. Don't watch."

Already vulnerable, how could I let my dear friend down, let alone my team and city?

So I kept it off and read a book to my son instead.

Sure enough, the Blazers crushed the Suns. 

I am swearing off of them for the rest of the year and for as far as they go in the playoffs.

I don't think they'll advance too far this year, maybe a round or two, depending on how soon they run into the Lakers. But I am sacrificing myself for the team.  Screw the money if Mr. Allen doesn't want to pay me what is rightfully mine.  But this curse will not go away, and I cannot promise I won't get weak again, and test it when the Blazers are on the verge of greatness, when I am desiring to see history as it happens. It is true I care too much, but I am equally weak in my desire to witness the moment. Just keep that in mind Mr. Allen.

And you're welcome.


Monday, March 23, 2009

On To OT

Well, they made it to overtime thanks to Oden but no thanks to Outlaw. 1 for 5 tonight! I'm sorry, Travis. But maybe your fortunes will turn in OT, for I must retire for the evening. I shall tune back in when the Suns arrive to town. I really really really was pulling for Roy to hit the winning shot at the end of regulation, but, of course, it wasn't to be. Perhaps my turning it off will guide them to victory. But I say get Rudy, Blake and Oden more involved. Use Aldridge as a decoy to dump it down to Oden for the dunk. I do say that Oden has a bright future. All the naysayers are wrong on this one. I hold faith that Greg Oden will one day beat my curse. Of course, Mr. Allen could beat it in the meantime in the form of a little contract.

Largest Halftime Homecourt Defecit All Season

The announcers are all baffled as to what is going on. Both radio and tv play by play men are struggling for answers. If only they knew I am tuning in. That would explain everything. That would explain why the Blazers were so ice cold in the first half. 

I'm struggling with this choice I've made. I could turn the game off and they could come back, or I could watch and further prove my point. I think I need to watch. Honestly, I want to break this curse more than anyone.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

There's Still Time

Ok, so the Blazers are 1-0 since I made my promise to watch the rest of their games this season. Lucky for everyone I forgot they had a game on Saturday night and didn't watch a second of it. I will continue to keep track of the rest of their games for the year, noting the ones I watch or listen to, and the ones I don't. Paul Allen, if you're out there, I want to reiterate that this is not malicious or vindictive. I don't want this curse of mine to be a reality. I would love disprove it by watching the young Blazers make the playoffs and advance far into the playoffs. But based on all the proof I've presented up to this point, I don't see that happening. You can still provide me a contract NOT to watch and I will give you a money back guarantee that the Blazers will make the playoffs. But without that contract, it's just not fair for me not to watch and be able to experience the thrill of possible victory. It is impossible to prove this control I have to anyone, and thus it should be fair for me to attempt(once again) to support my Blazers by watching and listening to them. I could take the high road and just not watch or listen, but that actually takes an inordinate amount of willpower. There needs to be something in this for me. Something for my sacrifice. 

By the way, I turned on the USA v Japan baseball game tonight just in time to kill a USA 8th inning rally and start one for Japan. Derek Jeter made an uncharacteristic error and Japan scored 3 runs to put the game out of reach and advance to the World Baseball Classic Final. I rise again. Sorry team.